Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tea with Jane in Scottsdale

As the week winds to a close, I'm about to set off for The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, where the lovely and talented Barbara Peters and her staff make bookselling look easy.  We're sitting down for a Jane Austen Tea at 2 p.m. this Saturday, September 17th.  I'm expecting a good conversation about all things Jane, and Canterbury Tale in particular. If you're planning to stop by, brings lots of questions--and be sure to read the previous post about Edward Austen-Knight's home, Godmersham Park, in Kent, where Canterbury Tale is set.

Looking forward to a cozy nosh with mystery fans!


  1. I started Jane and the Canterbury Tale last evening and look forward to finishing it tonite! I've already laughed several times, thank you!

  2. Good to hear, Olivia! One of my favorite characters in the book is "Jupiter" Finch-Hatton, a fellow straight out of Georgette Heyer if ever there was one. I hope you enjoy him.

  3. Finsihed the novel in little over a day in my free time and loved it! I like Jupiter as well...he reminded me of the Adonness' we hear and see so often in magazines. I always like to guess "Who did it?" and my first instinct was correct. Thanks and Happy Autumn :)