Monday, May 14, 2012

Alan Furst (and me!)

OK: I'm admitting to a huge crush, here, for a dark and distant stranger--and I'm doing it on my 24th wedding anniversary.

Utterly shameless.

For years, I've been hopelessly devoted to the novels of Alan Furst--the man who made a particular time in Europe his own, in a series of gritty noir espionage thrillers that seize World War II by the scruff of the neck and turn it inside out. His new book drops on June 12--Mission to Paris--and it's already selling like smack.  What else would you expect from a guy who merited his own Absolut Vodka ad?

But here's why I'm really stoked: I am appearing with Alan Furst on the Library Journal's Day of Dialogue panel entitled "I Spy: The Return of the Espionage Thriller," moderated by Jeff Ayers of the Seattle Public Library.  The Day of Dialogue is June 4th, part of the opening salvos of Book Expo America--fondly known in the industry as BEA, the biggest Publishing Do in the US.  Also on the panel, talking about books and spies and late-night dead drops will be Chris Pavone (The Expats), CIA alum Mark Henshaw (Red Cell), and Ben Coes (The Last Refuge.)  

Which means that yes, *Sigh*  I'm the only girl.  But I've been there, done that, and worn those heels before.  I'm figuring nobody else at the table will have quite the crush on Alan Furst I've got.  :)


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