Wednesday, October 24, 2018

DAY 90: A Candlelit Romance

It can be an intimate space or an opulent one, depending on how many leaves are added or how many branches of candles soar down the center of the mahogany table. The Goya tapestries lining the walls are a gift from Spain. Flames flicker in the marble fireplace and the conversation is always heady. 

In Bertie's day, the guests in Sandringham's dining room include Jennie's closest friends: The Marquess of Hartington, Minister of War, who everyone simply calls Hart; Lottie, Duchess of Manchester, whom Hart passionately loves; Lottie's daughter-in-law, the American Consuelo Yznaga; and another face from Jennie's past, Minnie Stevens Paget.

And of course, the newcomer and social sensation: Count Charles Kinsky. He engrosses Jennie's heart and mind from the first night at Bertie's table.

Lord Randolph Churchill is not at Sandringham. He's had a falling-out with the Prince that cost his family years of exile. Eventually, that breach will heal--because of Jennie.

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