Saturday, February 16, 2019


This hat's Austrian. The metal piece in front is called an aigrette--
it was a detachable pin purely decorative in nature.

Yeah, I know--no one wears hats anymore. But I happen to love them. I wore an enormous one away from my wedding, and my poor husband balanced it on his lap all the way across the Atlantic to Paris. I'm not that selfish or entitled anymore--and I rarely wear hats--but if I could go back through time to any other era for a brief fashion fling, it would be the period from 1900 to 1910. Because, the hats!!!!

Then I'd swiftly return to the present, satisfied but chastened. 
Because, World War I!!!

There are few photographs of Jennie wearing hats, interestingly enough--barring those in a riding topper.  All the head-turning fashions pictured here are relics from the period  1900-1910. 


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