Tuesday, January 1, 2019

DAY 22: New Year's Eve, Paris

In That Churchill Woman, I send Jennie to Paris in the final days of December, 1886. 

The Eiffel Tower would not be constructed for another three years (1889), and fireworks in the city on New Year's Eve are a modern convention, but the custom of le reveillon de nouveau an, or New Year's Eve celebrations, was long established in the City of Light.

La Parisienne, Place de la Concorde,
by Jean Beraud

Jennie adored Paris. We'll discuss the city where both she and Charles Kinsky spent a great deal of time, separately, together, and in parallel, in later posts. But for today, I'll simply offer a few images of Belle Epoque Paris--Paris in the Gilded Age, when the wartime destruction of Jennie's teenaged years had given way to the wide and prosperous boulevards of Hausmann. 

Paris, Place Madeleine, by Eugene Galien-Lalou, ca. 1900

Le Boulevard St.-Denis, Jean Beraud, 1875-1890

Oustide the Vaudeville Theatre, Paris, by Jean Beraud

Une Soiree au Pre-Catelan, 1909, by Henri Gervex

Une Soir de Grand Prix, by Henri Gervex, Musee de Carnavalet
Happy New Year, from Jennie and me!

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