Wednesday, November 14, 2018

DAY 69: SHOES. Because You Can't Go Out if Your Feet Are Bare

Jennie Churchill was seriously famous for her shoes.

She had tiny feet, and she was really proud of them. She loved to dance. And so her collection of evening slippers, in particular, was cherished. She kept them on display in her boudoir, on shelves all over the room, as though they were works of art. This, in an era when all shoes were hand-made one-offs, unique to the lady who ordered them. Jennie loved to buy her shoes in France and Italy. 

Understand me, girlfriends?

When you packed up for a trip to St. Petersburg, as Jennie did during Christmas one year, or around the world as she and Randolph did in the final months of Randolph's life, this is how you packed your shoes. We should all have one. But with slightly more interesting shoes in much more spectacular colors.

I'm just going to leave these here. Some are evening slippers, to be worn in ballrooms and theatres. Some are boots intended for the outdoors. Heck, there's even a pair of lady's riding boots, which Jennie would have worn almost daily. Enjoy!

For more images from THAT CHURCHILL WOMAN, visit the  Pinterest board behind the novel. 

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